Help Mission Development Services (HMDS) is a non-sectarian and non-profit making, development NGO, founded and registered in Kenya in 2004 No.P.218/051/2004/0112/3202. The NGO is based and operates from Nakuru Township.

HMDS initiatives are implemented through grassroots institutions such as Primary Schools, Youth and Women’s groups, and Youth Polytechnics. The groups and institutions have their capabilities enhanced to fully participate in and sustain their self improvement projects towards poverty alleviation and quality of livelihood. Through this strategic work approach, HMDS has built credibility with the people and communities and is today well placed to speak for the vulnerable groups, not only in the Rift Valley region, but also Kenya as a whole.


‘To assist and empower disadvantaged, vulnerable people and communities towards self-determination, self-reliance and self-sufficiency’ and responsible citizenship


HMDS endeavors for “sustainable livelihood for everyone”.


Empowerment of disadvantaged, vulnerable people and communities for employability, productivity and self-reliance.

Core Values

The Mission, Vision, Goal, Objectives, Operational principles and activities of Help Mission Development Services (HMDS) are based on the following core values:-

1.Professionalism - HMDS upholds ultimate commitment to ethical work habits, efficiency and justice for all.

2.Transparency and accountability – HMDS subscribes to principles and aspirations of excellence, integrity, transparency and accountability in all its endeavors.

3.Apolitical – HMDS is neither apolitical organization nor affiliated to any political party and does not subscribe to any political leaning in its work and existence.

4.Teamwork and holistic engagement – HMDS believes in teamwork and subscribes to full stakeholder participation in maximizing organizations resourcefulness and programme impact on beneficiary targets.

5.Flexibility – HMDS embraces innovativeness, adaptability and creativity that lead to describe change in keeping with its Vision, Mission and Goal.

6.Equality and inclusion – HMDS recognizes the equality of all human beings regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender and self-worth of each person to pursue self-development with dignity.

 7.Sustainability – HMDS strives for continuing organizational growth, expansion and success focusing increasing capacities of and positive impact on programme target


Our Board

The Organization has a 5 Member Board of Directors drawn from relevant professional fields to ensure responsible and appropriate management of the Organization.

Our staff

There are 6 full-time members of staff who include the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of Finance and Administration, Office Admin, Accountant ,the Monitoring and Evaluation officer, Social workers.


Josephine Sindavi - CEO                               Obed Tsuma - Finance $ Administration     


Edward King'oro M &E Officer                    Leah Wasike - Office Admin          


     Phaustine Muhavi - Social Worker         Bevila Agneta - Social Worker


     Beatrice Njeri - Accountant

 Our partners

At present, the Organization is working with three foreign partner Organizations i.e.: CO-OPERAID Switzerland, PERIAMMA Denmark and100% for children Denmark. Locally, it co-operates and collaborates with line Government agencies and beneficiary communities to accomplish its core business.