What do the Initials HMDS stand for?

Where is HMDS located?

Why focus on Children, Youth, Women and girls?
The problems of poverty and underdevelopment affect men and women, boys and girls. However, evidence shows that women and girls not only constitute a disproportionate percentage of those living in poverty, they also disproportionately suffer the effects of poverty including higher morbidity rates, poor nutrition, HIV/ADS, lack of access to education, Lack of skills etc.

Is HMDS Kenya a Political/ government institution
Absolutely Not. HMDS Kenya is a non-partisan, community based, grassroots women’s empowerment organization. It is not in any way affiliated to the government, however; it works in close partnership with the government‘s various departments including the Ministry of Youth, Health, Education, Gender and Social services to promote the advancement of women and girls.

Do you have any religious affiliations?
Absolutely not. We have no direct ties with any particular faith.

Does the organization have an internship policy?
Yes. To those from; USA, EUROPE. ASIA and AUSTRALIA . Minimum of three months and Maximum of one year. Aged between 15 to 45 year.

Does the organization accept Volunteers?
Yes. The volunteers should be 30 years to 70 year. Able to speak and write English. All field specialized.

Who is “a Friend of HMDS and how can I be a friend?
Friends of HMDS is a new fundraising initiative that will bring together the corporate sector, civil society, individuals and the media in furthering HMDS’s Vision, Mission and objectives by contributing towards the organization’s activities. Please download the Application Form, fill and post to us at