Project Youth Polytechnics variously offer training in Motor Vehicle Mechanics (MVM), Carpentry & Joinery, Metal processing, Masonry, Fashion & design, Hair dressing & beauty therapy, Information Communication technology (ICT), Electrical & electronics, Food technology and Agri-business courses. Any YP is free to introduce a new course, so long as there is demand for it, i.e. there is students, an instructor and other relevant facilities to teach it.
Vijana Na Ujuzi
The global objective of this project is to contribute to the elimination of poverty and social exclusion of people dependent on the informal economy and other under privileged groups in target communities.

The main Objective is to get trained youth who are employable, productive, self-reliant and responsible members of society
The strategies to achieve this is through partnering with public Youth Polytechnics

Specific Objectives

Reinforcement of Youth Polytechnics

The programme action entails equipment of Youth Polytechnics with adequate teaching and learning facilities to train youths in vocational skills, to make them employable, economically independent and responsible members of society through provision of Tools, and Machines including Computers and Technical Text Books to partner Youth Polytechnics.

Advance training of instructors and Capacity building of BOGs of partner Youth Polytechnics
This is achieved through upgrading the quality of teaching and learning in partner polytechnics and trained in institutional management, resource mobilization and management, and book keeping. This component is meant to improve instructors’ careers and quality teaching in partner YPs and to facilitate their eventual employment by the Government. In the long term, this would contribute to the sustainability of project YPs.
Income Generating Activities for Youth Polytechnics
The incorporated the Income Generating Activities component is believed to be a strategy for the YPs become self sustaining when the project support ends.
Girl Child Programme

IGA Activity for Girls
Main aim is to enhance self esteem and competitive performance among female trainees through formation of Girls’ clubs in partner YPs and provision of counseling and mentoring services and Provision of sanitary towels. Indeed, women empowerment and promotion of gender equality underlies the entire implementation of the project

Access to education for girls in partner sub-counties remains a challenge due to poverty, retrogressive cultural practices such as FGM, early marriages and a general negative attitude towards girls’ education. HMDS seeks to address these causes to ensure gender equity in education both as a right and as way of lifting girls out of poverty.

This program creatively works towards eliminating the root causes of inequalities in access to education by the girl child - top being campaigns against FGM, Poverty- Forced and Earlier marriages. We lobby all stakeholders and advocate for an increase in the number of girl children accessing quality education and by addressing the root challenges facing women in education.

 Start up Capital for Graduating youth

Partner YPs remain informed about the whereabouts of its graduates in order that they may assist in the selection of deserving ones for support under the project. The BOG identifies and selects deserving beneficiaries and forwards the names to HMDS through the YP manager. HMDS then vet the selected candidates before giving them the start-up capital, tool kits and/or machines. Beneficiaries will also undergo competitive entrepreneurship training three times a year while still at the YP before graduating.

Sports activities in Youth Polytechnics

This objective entail the promotion of sports talents in partner YPs through provision of games and sports equipments and materials, and organization of inter- YPs sports events which is done twice per year. This is necessary because, ‘reading is as good to the mind as exercise is to body’.

HIV/AIDS in Youth Polytechnics
Under this objective, youth are mobilized for HIV/AIDS awareness, education and sensitization in their respective partner YPs. Similar campaigns are done for life skills and against drug peddling and abuse in the YPs and their catchments communities. Three public HIV/AID Campaigns are done on yearly basis at the partner YPs.