Preparing your child for Primary One can be an exciting journey. As parents, you can make the whole new experience of learning new things and making friends a meaningful one for your child however there are children in Africa whose parents or guardian earns less than $1 a day, this child will go to school from a harsh environment and the kind of school she/he attend also is in harsh conditions and environment. To make this child learn as other children from average families, HMDS in partnership with Development Partners came up with Child sponsorship Programme (CSP). The sponsorship takes up to eight years but it can be less depending with the sponsor willingness. Corporate sponsorship applies here where International or other partner NGO from outside Kenya partner with us after receiving will sponsor in their county, they make sponsorship through this organization to HMDS who latter provide necessary to sponsored children.
When a child is sponsored she/he will benefit in:
1. Provision of two pairs of school uniforms per year,
2. Receive school bag and shoes
3. Medical care 
The entire school will benefit by:
1. Receiving learning materials to the entire school population
2. Receiving school desks/benches
3. Receiving first Aid Medicines for De-worming, pain killers among others
4. Christmas parties to entire school population
5. Sanitary towels to all teen girls at the school
6. Under special cases, construction of classrooms and desks for entire school
The sponsor receive:
1. Child Personal story and letters
2. Child progressive report
3. Child photos and personal letters 
4. Christmas card

Malaria project implementation covers the following activities:-
1. Distribution of Mosquito treated Nets,
2. Malaria Education Campaigns and 
3. Environmental clean-up to reduce the breeding of mosquito.
The project is implemented in baringo county in Rift Valley province of Kenya. The target beneficiaries of malaria project are school going children, households, children under the age of 5 years and the aged as they are the most vulnerable group to malaria. 
HMDS collaboartes with the Ministry of Public Health, at district level in Implementing the project. Dr. Masongo, Dr. Pius Biwot and Dr. Laban the District Public Health Officer (DPHO) of Marigat District Hospital assisted in facilitation during Malaria Education Campaigns. The area chiefs, Head teachers, school chairmen, headmen some areas counselors and the general community members participated actively.
Youth Sponsorship Programme
This project targets youth who are graduating from primary schools either to join secondary school or Youth polytechnics by payment of school fee for those who are poor and their parents or guardians are unable to pay.

Passed Projects
Malaria Project
Tumaini La Vijana Project