Every project Help Mission Development Services is involved in is based on one of three distinct ways of doing development.

1. Sponsor Youths through Vocation Training
Donate to support our partner Youth Polytechnics (YPs). Our sponsor program is development in its most conventional form partnering with us with your contributions in:

1. Support ICT in Youth polytechnics

2. Reinforcement of Youth Polytechnics

3. Support girl Child guidance and counseling  in YPs

4. Support upgrading of Instructors profession

5. Support BOG Trainings and exchange programmes

6. Support Graduating Youth from  YPs with start-up tool kit and Training in Entrepreneurship

7. Support in HIV/AIDS and Drugs & Drugs abuse Campaigns at YPs both Classroom training and public campaigns

8. Support YPs with sports materials and organizing sports Event – Inter- YPs Sports Events.

Interested Partner/donor(s) Organization also have the option to make contributions directly to specific projects activities like; Reinforcement a lone / Girls projects/ Instructors upgrading, HIV/AIDS and Drugs/ Sports materials or Events, Capacity building for Management etc. This means that the interested donor can take Entire projects or selective project activities.

School sponsorship Project.

2. Child Sponsorship Programme (C.S.P)

Disadvantaged and needy children in primary schools are assisted through provision of scholastic needs i.e. School uniforms, shoes, and school bags.

On the back of this support also come funding for classroom construction, Support drilling of clean water, Support supply of mosquito nets and supply of first Aid Medicines, ventilated improved pit-latrines, administration blocks, supply of exercise books, pencils and erasers, stationery, readers and desks to improve quality and access to education.

3. Youth sponsorship programme (Y.S.P)

Payment of school fees in the case of secondary school students who have graduated from primary level. 

By supporting this philosophy/programme it is the best option for creation of employment and self-employment. It would not be surprising if the approach could in time cut down the 70% unemployment rate among the youth population in Kenya. The rate of crime, drug abuse and HIV/AIDs among youth will be minimized by your support in this Project. 


1. By sponsoring/supporting a project(s)/ partnering with HMDS
2. Support projects as mentioned above. We have proposals on the same and they will be avail on to you immediately as required. The projects period is between 24-36 months of partnership.

3. By Making a Legacy in your will to Help Mission Development Services to ensure that your social commitments to the beneficiaries to HMDS projects continues even after your death.

4. Fundraising Events and by volunteering services